Aesthetic Disorder

When An Angry Boy Loves A Sad Boy

Natalie Wee

You are in love with a boy who's magic and it's like waking up for the first time, like racing through the America's spine across  highways where you stared death in the face and laughed. This love has fleeting legs. This love is fireproof but the boy who loves you is not.

He says: Are you trying to save me? And hits you hard as the first two inches between a prize fighter's show-stopping fist. He is the product of a reckless man who never once told him that happiness was something he deserved.

In your hands, his heart feels like a baby bird. Show him that his body is precious. That tenderness does not need to be rare. Take his bones apart and point out the lightning in his blood, the steel in his eyes, the silver of his tongue. Peel away every bruise that made him forget he is starlight.

Kiss him, careful. Without words. Say: You are the most beautiful thing I've ever loved without breaking. You are every dream I've ever had made real and you will save yourself.


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